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Yzf R125 Vs Cbr 125r Youtube

Cracking little sporty (ish) 125 4 stroke. I purchased mine (and '05) late last year with the intention of using it as a test bike, its been a great fun piece of kit and has NEVER let me down. rear tyres lasted 4000 miles and the fronts still got some life in it. engine sweet as a nut and will easily keep up with my mates yamaha yzf-r125 on the straights and through the corners. Dont be put off by the bikes small dimensions too as it really makes it a fun bike to ride, as its so light. It can be put in to corners at some pretty impressive speeds and will take what you give it, grips very well even on the origional tyres (the amount of 'cbr125 knee-down' videos on youtube prove it really can be chucked). And lastly, the bikes cheap, I bought a minter for 1400 and it really is like new, 1200 miles on the clock!. Also, if you do scrape it, panels can be picked up for peanuts unlike the yamahas and aprilias 400 fairings!!! would recoment but dont expect a race bike, its a beginers bike which can be ragged and thrown into corners like no tomorow. really all you want at 17!!!

Yzf R125 Vs Cbr 125r Youtube

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i have owned my bike for around 7-8 months, i am on a learner lisence so i am restricted to a 125cc, after looking around for along time i can across a 06 cbr125 with only 3200 miles on the clock, i picked it up for 1600 ish which i thought was a steal compared to how much the other 125's cost. the bike is excellent overall, its handeling is amazing even with the thin tyres. yu also dont need to do alot to the bike to keep it running. for example 8.00 for a full tank lasting up to 200 miles depending on riding style. now the weather is brightening up alittle bit i am starting to go out to bike cafe's. this weekend i have covered around 150 miles! :) not bad for 2 days riding. this bike gets up to 50mph really easilty but it does struggle after that. i have taken the bike up to around 75-80mph but that was with a major downhill with the wind behind me at 10K rpm.......not nice. overall abit more power would be nice and maybe some better tyres (had a new one fitted at 3200 miles and needs a new one now (7800 miles)). will be looking to upgrade soon as the lack of power for open road riding as everyone else just wants to overtake you. would highly recommend to any new biker but not so much to an older biker.

first let me say i am using my old cbr-125r4 (2004) and my cbr-125rw (2010) as the reference for my review.i got my old cbr-125r4 when it was 4 years old and had 10,000 on the clock.the bike was incredibly solid and easy to throw around, amazing between the traffic amd good on the motorway. i had the bike for 2 years and put another 10,000 miles on the clock and NEVER had a moment where i lost control of the bike it was always new cbr-125rw i got from new with 0 on the clock i have put 70 miles on it so far and it is identical in performance to my old bike, only the engine sounds a lot better and the parts are in better condition!ive not stressed the engine to max but still had 70mph out of it in 6th year at 8,000 revs.the new 10 bike is a good few inches wider at the front (fairing) and the headlights have completely changed (which i don't like, i prefer the old style)other than that its the best bike in its class in my opinion.if you are thinking about buying one, stop thinking and just buy it.

I had one of these for my first bike and I loved it, we went every where together (listen to me getting all emotional). Clocks are great, easy to read, mirrors are... ok. Why does everyone moan about the tyres? I did 15000 miles in a year on this through all weathers and it only gave me "cause for concern" when I got carried away by pushing too hard on ice, rain etc. Only problem had was a corroded wire which was fixed under warranty by my local Honda dealer no worries but I still managed to bump start it to get it there (nice and light). Bit of a jump between first and second gear (watch on the change downs. I had the 06 model with different lights, they were ok but not a great use in dark and rain. Blew bulbs quite a bit (head and dash). Bit more power would be nice but hey, it's a 125, it's not supposed to peel the paint off your lid. Overall highly recommended and better looking than an r125.

Just got my Honda cbr125r last week, red and black colour, 2004 model with 3400 miles on the clock, but in immacualte condition. Took it out for a proper spin today, first impressions...awesome! Not incredibly fast compared to two stroke 125's but this is a 4 stroke Honda, reliable, easy, forgiving of novice mistakes, and so nimble. Fit some bridgestones bt39ss and it just inspires huge amounts of confidence when flicking it in and out of bends. Althought standard ones grip fine after they've warmed up. Rev this bike hard and you can find a near-2 stroke powerband, awesome fun for learners...(and my dad who has been riding bikes for 30 years). brilliant learner bike!  Strengths: Light weight great handling pretty pokey when revved above 6000, sooo easy to learn on. Weaknesses: Could get boring after skills have improved...but thats when I'll move on to a hornet 600! (obviously restricted to 33bhp).

@civic95 dear u mentioned above about honda cbr125 but its not in it anyway....i think these two bikes r equviped by difrrent technologies so its hard to rate in power and performance rather style.......i rate 1st aprillia rs125 due to its power and performance and the yamaha r-1 looks stylish but u will have to keep in ur mind the r-1 is latest model 350c69d7ab


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