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Rwby Volume 1 Download

Oh, Hi.. you know I'm really a fan of RWBY. not just because my name is just like Rubby Jane but partly yes. But totally this movie, I really like it, really love it . I've watch the volumes 1-3 and I'm waiting for volume 4. And by the way i love their team, most of all Ruby Rose. Oh I really really love this. And I also love their soundtracks. yeah thank you

rwby volume 1 download

I'm very appreciative of the person whom submitted this, and the second volume of RWBY'S music to this site! I'm in love with this music because it's just too amazing, and very enlightening with its upbeat battle-esque feeling! Again, thanks to whoever did it, because it is amazing! I'd rank it 10 out of 10. Jeff Williams, Cassie Lee Williams, Lamar Hall, Alex Abraham, and the other notable composers, and artists who worked on this fabulous album, did amazing! And this site does good to spread the word of its existence! 350c69d7ab


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