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Sheltered Handz ChildCare

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Welcome to SHELTERED HANDZ'S Child Care

      We are honored that you have chosen our child care. Your family is encouraged to visit our facility prior to enrollment so that our staff & your littles can be more acquainted.

       At SHELTERED HANDZ child care, we believe that every child possesses a unique energy to learn. Children safety are our 1st and only priority. Learning is best accomplished in a facility that is loving, safe, clean, secure, happy, calm & fun!

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Toddlers Indoor Activities

Keeping your child/children happy and busy with great safe activities that they will enjoy while learning .  Activities are developmentatlly appropriate.  We focus on sensory play, fine motor activities, gross motor activities, also arts and crafts.

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Five Steps to Managing 
Big Emotions

Helping children cope with their big feelings is tricky and essential.  When children can identify and handle their emotions, they will lead happier and more fulfilling lives

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More about our Childcare

       The website has been designed to give you a wonderful outlook on what SHELTERED HANDZ is focused on. Please feel free to browse through our site to learn more about our policies, programs & we offer much more.

        The staff is ready to answer any questions or concerns, once again Welcome and we look forward to giving you that piece of mind that you want, knowing your little is taken care of & sheltered.

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